Web Design Cost in Sri Lanka

All you want to know about expenses involved in getting a web site designed by a professional web designing company in sri lanka.
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Main costs can be grouped in to two main categories.

  1. One time costs
  2. Recurring costs

Main One times costs are:

  1. Web design cost ( designing of the home page and inner pages in a graphical format)
  2. web development cost ( converting the graphical design in to HTML / CSS web pages. This can be a creation of a template for CMS systems like WordPress or Joomla.
  3. Logo design cost

Main Recuring costs are:

  1. Domain name registration cost ( yearly )
  2. Hosting cost ( yearly / Monthly)
  3. e-Mail cost  ( yearly / Monthly)

There are some other optional recurring costs like : 

  1. Third-party plugins and libraries cost ( yearly / Monthly)
  2. Cloud services  cost ( yearly / Monthly)
  3. CDN cost ( amazon, oracle, azure)
  4. Payment gateway Subscriptions ( yearly / Monthly)
  5. Shipping method subscriptions ( yearly / Monthly)
What is web hosting?

The term “web hosting” refers to the service company that rent out their computer/servers to store your website (hence the word, host) and providing Internet connectivity so that other computers connected to the internet can access to the files on your website.

What is a domain name?

Its your unique address in the internet. E.g. lankawebsites.com. You need to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar or an authorized agency for that domain TLD. such as .com, .org. or .lk. Then periodically you need to renew your domain name registration to keep it under your control. If it expires before you renew , after a while another person can purchase that domain name.

What is a CDN ?
What is cloud hosting ?
What is SEO ( seach engine optimization)
What is a mobile responsive website ?
What is Google Analytics ?
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